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Nobody Follows a Parked Car

Are you looking to support someone who is struggling but don't know what to say or do? Are you struggling and wish others knew how to be there for you? Or maybe you're just generally looking for insight into some ways our society has failed in giving us the information we need to be there for those that need us. 

This eBook is for you. 

It's called Nobody Follows a Parked Car. Title confuses you? Well... you'll have to read it to find out what I mean. And it couldn't be easier; I send my free ebook straight to your inbox! 

But wait! There's more!


Do you want practical methods and processes to work toward the idea of "stop feeling sorry for yourself and find your joy"? The Nobody Follows a Parked Car Workbook gives you more: extra material, deeper insight, and a better understanding of how to find your joy. There are 21 pages of indispensable next steps to help you shift out of park, take your foot off the brake, and begin moving forward. And for a short time, I'm offering a discount on the Workbook, but only for the first 50 people. 

It's simple - click the button below to get your eBook and your Workbook (or fill out the form if you just want the eBook for now).

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